Organizing a vegetarian birthday party is an expression of nurturing the seed of compassion, finding inner peace on one's special day. Invite your family, loved ones, and friends to enjoy a peaceful birthday party at Zenhouse.

Come to Zenhouse to have a truly meaningful day with your family and friends!


Currently, many young couples opt for organizing a vegetarian wedding ceremony to avoid harming lives and cultivate compassion on this significant day. On the day they come together, it adds to their harmony as both pledge to build a family happiness based on the spirit of harmony, love, and mutual support. 

On this significant day, nurturing compassion together by pledging to build a happy union based on the spirit of harmony, understanding, and supporting each other.

Pledging to lean on each other based on understanding and love, contributing to building a more harmonious marital happiness.

Let Zenhouse accompany you on the journey to happiness. 


Offering ancestral altars has long been a distinctive tradition of the Vietnamese people. Nowadays, not only Buddhists but many families choose pure vegetarian offerings to show respect for their ancestors, nurturing compassion.

With an incredibly diverse menu, Zenhouse will assist you in preparing exquisite and serene vegetarian ancestral offerings.