Let the peaceful garden and rowan vegetarian dishes at Zenhouse beware of compassion and "heal" your soul.

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Staff are lovely, kind, and quick. The food is delicious; I enthusiastically recommend the tofu dessert. It's cool, refreshing, not overly sweet, but just right, especially when paired with jasmine tea. The ambiance is peaceful, with a beautiful fish pond and many picturesque corners

Minh Dan / Custormer

The Zen space offers a chilled room, a refreshing garden, and a range of vegetarian food, dessert menus, snacks, and diverse drinks. The vegetarian ingredients are fresh, the flavors are okay, and they often host vegetarian cooking sessions, perfect for workshops ❤️ especially their incredibly tasty Zenhouse fried rice

Niem Nhat / Custormer

It's an airy space embodying the serene and relaxing 'Zen' style. There are many seating options for guests: indoors, outdoors, or in air-conditioned rooms. The coffee uses Trung Nguyen coffee beans: rich and aromatic. The vegetarian dish like Nam Vang noodle soup: delicious, with a sweet broth from mushrooms and vegetables, the noodles are soft yet firm, not soggy... I will try other dishes on subsequent visits. The prices might be a bit high, but they are justified by the investment and attention to detail. The staff serve promptly, warmly, and are available to assist at all times."

Tam Le / Custormer

Bep Chay Nha Zen

Vegetarianism is currently a global trend, not only among Buddhist followers but also among many individuals from different religions and communities

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